About this project

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) provides practical support to UK nationals who may find it harder to complete all their residency applications to secure and maintain their residency rights in Slovakia now that the UK has left the EU. Through the UK Nationals Support Fund (UKNSF), we aim to reach at-risk UK nationals in Slovakia through information activities and practical support.

In close coordination with the British Embassy in Slovakia, the IOM will raise awareness among UK nationals living in Slovakia, share accessible information on residency requirements, and provide direct practical support in completing applications for those in situations where access to information and application processes are difficult.

While information provided online and through other media will be available to all, we will focus on individuals who may face challenges in securing or maintaining their residency rights in Slovakia, such as people with limited mobility, people living with disabilities or chronic illness, those who face language or literacy barriers, or barriers in accessing technology.

Apart from Slovakia, similar services are also offered by IOM Missions in France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Altogether, the aim is to reach 30,000 UK nationals through information activities and practical support in these countries.

IOM global work in this area complements government services and provides assistance to migrants with information on their rights and access to procedures, especially for those living in more difficult circumstances. The International Organization of Migration (IOM) has been working for 69 years to promote humane, orderly and regular migration. This new project brings together many areas of IOM’s work which helps people to avoid ending up in an irregular or undocumented situation, including our expertise in regularization, integration, ID management, and directly assisting migrants who find themselves in difficult or vulnerable situations.