If UK nationals and their family members are already registered as residents in Slovakia, or if they will be lawfully residing in Slovakia by 31 December 2020 and continue to reside here thereafter, their right to work will stay the same for as long as they remain residents.

As a UK national or a family member of a UK national, your current residence in Slovakia, or the residence which you start before 31 December 2020, will be changed automatically from an EU to a non-EU status. You will need to register your residence and apply for a new Residence Card.

You will get one of the following types of residence status, depending on how long you've been living in Slovakia:

  • Five-year residence granted for a period of five years, or
  • Long-term residence granted for an indefinite time period/permanent residence for unlimited time.

To be registered as resident in Slovakia means to hold a:

  • Registration Certificate (confirmation about the registration of residence) and optionally also the Residence Card (plastic ID card “Pobytový preukaz občana EÚ”) if you are a UK national, or
  • Residence Card (plastic ID card “Pobytový preukaz rodinného príslušníka občana EÚ”) if you are a family member of a UK national.

If you belong to one of the categories of UK national family members who may seek residence in Slovakia after the end of the transition period (after 1 January 2021) and still be protected by the Withdrawal Agreement, you will also enjoy the right to work. You will be able to join the UK national at any point in time in the future and if you satisfy the relevant criteria, you will obtain residence.

Read more about residence of UK nationals and residence of family members of UK nationals, including how to register your residence, apply for a Residence Card and other important information related to living in Slovakia.

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