Information related to COVID-19 in Slovakia

The COVID-19 vaccinations in Slovakia are ongoing. Read who can now request their vaccine.
Non-essential travel to Slovakia may be restricted. Read who is exempt from the restrictions.
Regularly updated information about upon return to Slovakia from abroad is available here.
Mandatory quarantine may apply upon your return to Slovakia from abroad. Read what are the current quarantine measures.

Official measures and important information

Before undertaking any steps, we recommend reading about the current measures, limitations and other important changes related to COVID-19 in Slovakia.

Information on border controls, quarantine measures, operation of Foreign Police Departments, schools and other guidelines are available here.

Changes in the Act on Residence of Foreigners related to the crisis situation caused by COVID-19

A crisis situation is an extraordinary situation, or a state of emergency declared in connection with the COVID-19 disease. The extraordinary situation declared on 11 March 2020 remains in place. The state of emergency was terminated on 14 May 2021.

Changes applicable to UK nationals and their family members / EU citizens and their family members

Deadlines for the following actions are suspended during the crisis situation:

  • Reporting the change of name, surname, marital status, citizenship, data in your passport or ID, exchange of passport or ID (standard deadline: 10 business days)
  • Reporting the loss, theft or damage of a passport or a Residence Card (standard deadline: 10 business days since you learnt about the loss, theft or damage)
  • Leaving Slovakia if you lost the right of residence or if your right of residence has been terminated
  • Applying for a new Residence Card, in case of change of the contained data or in case of its loss, theft or damage (standard deadline: 10 business days)
  • Applying for a Residence Card of a Union citizen family member (standard deadline: 30 days from the lapse of three months from entering Slovakia)
  • Visiting the Foreign Police Department for the purpose of issuing a new Residence Card of a Union citizen family member (standard deadline: at the latest on the last day of validity of the Residence Card)

The Slovak Ministry of Interior may also pardon the failure to respect other deadlines if the deadline expired during the crisis situation.

The changes are effective as of 9 April 2020.

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