COV-19 vaccination: People 85+ years old can now register

last updated on 21 January 2021

The 2nd phase of vaccinations is currently ongoing. Registration for vaccination is now open for people above the age of 85. Those belonging to this group can request a vaccine by registering online (available only in Slovak language). The vaccination is voluntary.

The next (3rd) phase will be open for registration of people 75+ years old.

There will be 11 phases in total. You can read which groups of people belong to each phase in Slovak or in English.

If you face obstacles with the online registration for your vaccination due to the language barrier, please get in touch.

Restrictions on non-essential travel to Slovakia

last updated on 20 January 2021

Travel of UK nationals and their family members to Slovakia from the UK or any other non-Schengen country (not on the list of low-risk countries) which is not considered as essential may be restricted due to COVID-19. Such persons may be denied entry into the Schengen area/denied the possibility to board an aircraft.

This restriction does not apply to:

  • UK nationals and their family members who can prove they have residence in Slovakia
  • UK nationals and their family members who can prove they are beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement
  • UK nationals who are close relatives of Slovak citizens (spouses, minor children, parents of minor children)
  • UK nationals who are close relatives of permanent/temporary residents in Slovakia (spouses, minor children, parents of minor children)
  • UK nationals and their family members who have residence in Australia, China, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Norway, Finland or Iceland
  • Family members of UK nationals who are citizens of EU member states
  • UK nationals and their family members belonging to certain specific categories (e.g. pilots, air crew members, freight and bus drivers, medical service drivers)

Even if you are exempt from the restrictions, you are still subject to the applicable quarantine measures upon your arrival to Slovakia.

If you face obstacles in entering Slovakia despite being exempt from the restrictions, please get in touch.

Mandatory quarantine for people travelling from the UK

last updated on 8 January 2021 

As of 21 December 2020, mandatory quarantine in the form of home isolation applies to:

  1. All persons who have visited the UK in the past 14 days prior to their entry to Slovakia
  2. Those living in the same household with the person(s) under point 1

Submitting a negative result of a RT-PCR test for COVID-19 instead (to avoid the quarantine) is no longer possible. More information about relevant obligations is available here.

Closure of Foreign Police departments

last updated on 11 January 2021

In connection with the latest curfew, the Foreign Police departments will not accept any clients until further notice. Clients who had appointments for a specific date during the curfew will have to re-schedule via the online booking system for the next available date.

Information cards for UK nationals

last updated on 16 December 2020

The Bureau of Border and Foreign Police has sent out information cards to all UK nationals who have registered residence in Slovakia. The information card summarizes the steps required to maintain their residence in Slovakia due to the UK’s departure from the EU and has been prepared in cooperation with IOM.

If you wish to leave Slovakia permanently or if you no longer reside in the country, please be informed there are certain steps you should take.

Watch a video on how IOM can help you

last updated on 17 December 2020

IOM has prepared a short video on the most important information and dates you need to bear in mind in order to secure your stay in Slovakia.

Watch the video to learn how IOM can help you with that.

New information leaflet

last updated on 15 December 2020

IOM has issued a practical leaflet summarizing the most important information for UK nationals and their family members living in Slovakia before 31 December 2020 or planning to move to Slovakia before this date.

Advice for UK nationals travelling home in December 2020

last updated on 29 December 2020

Please read our advice for those traveling out of Slovakia during the upcoming Holiday Season.