I am a student in Slovakia


 If you are a UK national or a family member of a UK national who is already registered as resident in Slovakia and currently studying, your right to stay and continue your studies will stay the same for as long as you remain resident.

If you are registered as resident and get a new Residence Card, you can continue studying in Slovakia basically under the same conditions as Union citizens, even after the end of the transition period (after 31 December 2020) or after 30 June 2021.

If your studies are subject to tuition, you have the right to the same tuition fees as Slovak citizens.

While studying, you can simultaneously hold multiple statuses, e.g. you may study and work at the same time. You can also change your status at any time, from student to e.g. worker or self-employed worker.

After you complete your studies, you may stay in Slovakia and look for work or start doing business.

If your parent is/was a UK national who used to work (employed or self-employed) in Slovakia and who was protected by the Withdrawal Agreement, you can continue to reside in Slovakia and complete your education here, even after your parent no longer resides in Slovakia (e.g. if your parent has left or has deceased).

Residence Card

You will need to replace your Residence Card or obtain a new Residence Card if you don´t have one yet, by following these steps (as a UK national) or these steps (as a family member of a UK national).

The deadline for applying for replacement of your Residence Card or for a new Residence Card is 30 June 2021. However, your specific case may require you to apply for a new Residence Card even earlier. We recommend not leaving the application for replacement of/a new Residence Card until the last moment.